Adan y Eva Anejo Tequila, 750mL

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  • Aged 18-months
  • COLOR: Honey amber
  • AROMA: Pickling spice and long wave of vanilla aroma
  • TASTE: Effortless entry leads to an off dry, medium with sweet toffee caramelized agave, brown spice, salt and green pepper flavors
  • FINISH: delicate dried wood and herbal agave that slowly fade away
  • INFO: Made in Jalisco, Mexico, Adan y Eva tequilas are made with a basic doctrine in mind: By naming our Tequila “Adan y Eva”, we are committed to offer our consumers a product with the authentic “Taste of Paradise”. Just as God created Adam and Eve united as one, we have also brought together the delicate flavor for the woman and bold for the man in this exquisite blend of Tequila.