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We apologize, but due to current market issues, Transpirits needs to refocus its resources. The Liquor Trade feat. Consumer Crunch has been temporarily postponed until later. We appreciate your patronage and interest in our Podcast.

Baby Jay from Transpirits will be hosting the new podcast:

Our daily podcast will include a 30-minute section dedicated to a guest speaker, or speakers, that represent the working class American. Each day we will choose a different topic of discussion to select from. Subjects that will be covered are business aspects to the liquor trade, social trends and demographics, science and history behind some of the spirits we discuss, and mixology to give you something to take home with you! There are three simple tenets of the show:
  1. The Liquor Trade with Consumer Crunch represents the ‘Working Class American’, not the corporate business entities.
  2. There is NO sponsored content on the show. No one pays me to tell me what to say.
  3. I make no attempts to convince, persuade or force anyone else to agree with me or see things from my perspective; I only provide my experience, knowledge and insight as tools for others to consciously make their own decisions.

We will post the air date for the first podcast 72 hours before it broadcasts, so that you have plenty of time to be prepared. We look forward to have you as a valued audience member to our show. Thank you for stopping by - we'll talk to you soon!