Bacardi Anejo Quatro "Aged 4 Years" Gold Rum, 750mL

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  • BRAND: 80-proof (40% A.B.V.); Bacardi Anejo Quatro is a blend of rums aged 4 years under the Caribbean sun
  • COLOR: Golden Amber
  • AROMA: Vanilla and cinnamon are most prominent on the nose, followed by notes of dark honey, cloves spice, cardamom, nutmeg, oak and toffee
  • PALATE: Following suit from the 2nd half of the nose, this youthful rum spreads its wings across your palate with feathers of fanciful flavor, dynamically expressing the dark honey and toffee flavors, while suggesting the undertones of spice and oak that help round out the smoothness of this amazing, lighter rum
  • FINISH: With a faster, less lingering sweet and spiced finish, Bacardi Anejo Cuatro doses out a final helping of toffee and oak to the end palate as the sweet, nutty nature of this young rum quickly shaves off the tongue