"Cocktail-To-Go" Tequila Martini Basket

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  • El Pintor Tequila Joven (750mL)
    • BRAND: 82-proof (41% A.B.V.)
    • COLOR: Clear
    • AROMA: Mango, mint, & citrus aroma
    • TASTE: Elegant and smooth with notes of vanilla, sherry, and oak on the front
    • FINISH: Finishes with green tea, d’anjou pear and a nice acidity
  • Dolin Sweet Vermouth Blanc (750mL)
    • BRAND: 16% A.B.V.
    • COLOR: Clear with light green highlights
    • AROMA: Fruity, with dark berry accents, slightly vegetal
    • TASTE: Prominent melon flavor, followed by berry notes and juniper
    • FINISH: Sweet, but fades quickly
  • Angostura Orange Bitters (118mL)
    • BRAND: 56-proof (28% A.B.V.)
    • COLOR: Reddish brown
    • AROMA: Orange top rounded off with a combination of aromatic of spices. Fresh and flavorful with a soft mellow note
    • TASTE: Perfect blend of sweet and bitter notes giving a mouth warming array of citrus spicy notes
    • FINISH: Ends in subtle astringent mouth feel

*The El Pintor "Cocktail-To-Go" Baskets sold online, including the online El Pintor basket that is chosen for the giveaway, will NOT include a lemon. This is because Transpirits currently does not ship produce along with pre-prepared assemblies of spirits.