Dolin Rouge Vermouth de Chambéry, 750mL

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  • BRAND: 32-proof (16% A.B.V.)
  • COLOR: Coppery-red
  • AROMA: Fruit compote, of prunes and walnuts with grassy notes, tempered by spicy aromas like Szechuan pepper; then aromas of almond, citrus, pear and cinnamon with gingerbread, tobacco, oregano and hyssop notes
  • TASTE: Bitter orange zest, prune juice, coriander, roasted pepper, black pepper, Asian spices, notes of tobacco leaf underneath 
  • FINISH: Bitterness of the orange fades into herbaceous notes with lingering citrus
  • INFO: Dolin's red vermouth has a very long history, punctuated with many prizes and awards. It's unchanged recipe is one of our treasures. There's 30 to 40 spices and botanicals are used to make our closely-guarded secret recipe for our famous Dolin red vermouth. This French vermouth can be served as an aperitif on ice or as a tasty ingredient in many cocktails.