Don Julio 1942 Anejo Primavera Tequila Limited Signature Edition, 750mL

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  • BRAND: 80-proof (40% A.B.V.)
  • COLOR: Rich Sepia
  • NOSE: Butterscotch, oak, vanilla, caramel, along with cocoa and almond and some herbal notes that flutter throughout on the nose
  • PALATE: Classic tequila flavor upfront, followed quickly by earthy and grassy notes with oak and agave, rounded off by a plethora of spices such as vanilla, cinnamon, pepper and mint towards the end palate
  • FINISH: Medium, slick, warm finish with dried banana and agave notes that are supported by aged oak accents from the maturation
  • NOTE: Don Julio 1942 is technically an Añejo as it is aged for only 2 1/2 years in used American oak barrels, though it misses the Extra Añejo qualification by only 6 months. 1942 is the year that Don Julio Gonzáles established his distillery, Tequila Tres Magueyes. This Highland tequila, along with their Real bottling, is distilled a 2nd time in a smaller stainless steel pot still that has a maximum capacity of 3 barrels per distillation.