Gordon Graham’s Black Bottle Blended Scotch, 750mL

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  • BRAND: 86-proof (43% A.B.V.)
  • COLOR: Rich amber
  • AROMA: Polished oak, porridge with a sprinkle of brown sugar, with cut grass and very subtle smoke
  • TASTE: Candied ginger, cigar box, with charred herbs, chocolate spread on brown bread and a drizzle of golden syrup
  • FINISH: Soft finish with spicy, nutmeg, pepper and a gentle lingering smokiness
  • INFO: This change in direction is a return to Black Bottle's past, as it is said to have been inspired by what the whisky was like when it was made all the way back in 1879. This has also inspired the new old-style black glass bottle, which gave the whisky its name.