High West Whiskey Campfire, 750mL

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  • BRAND: 92-proof (46% A.B.V.)
  • COLOR: Dark amber
  • AROMA: Sweet aroma at first, followed by strong notes of rubbery medical equipment, melted plastic and solvents, then turning into a smoky, peated aroma 
  • TASTE: Peat arrives strongly with vanilla, malt, rye spice and caramel in tow on the palate; the mid-palate brings notes of black cherry, blueberries, melon, cracked pepper, sea salt, leather, nutmeg, cinnamon, orange zest, tobacco smoke - very complex and robust!
  • FINISH: Peaty caramel blends with vanilla, malt, citrus and oak in a fantastically long slow fade
  • INFO: Crafted after eating a melon drizzled with peat and honey, the owners were determined to make a blend that incorporated the sweet bourbon character and the supporting characters of other grains. The main flavor (or melody) is sweet honey from a ripe bourbon. The enhancing flavor (or harmony) is floral fruity spice from a mature rye whiskey. The accent is smoke from a peated Scotch whisky.