Jefferson’s Ocean 'Aged at Sea' Cask Strength Bourbon, 750mL

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  • BRAND: 90-proof (45% A.B.V.), Very Small Batch
  • COLOR: Brassy amber
  • AROMA: Caramel and vanilla lead the nose, along with classic bourbon aroma, brown sugar, dark fruit (cherries in particular), orange zest, dark honey and oak
  • TASTE: Dark fruit, caramel, rye grain, cinnamon, pepper, slight saltiness, oak supports the palate from underneath
  • FINISH: Light, dry finish that carries the smoky caramel flavor as it fades
  • INFO: For a typical barrel, Jefferson’s states that the barrel crosses the equator at least four times and visits over 30 ports on a voyage. With the increased volume, Jefferson’s makes periodic releases of Ocean bourbon, and some bars and high-end liquor stores even carry single barrel selections (including some cask strength releases).