Lucano Anniversario Limoncello, 750mL

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  • BRAND: 60-proof (30% A.B.V.); from the peninsula of Sorrento
  • COLOR: Opaque Lemon Yellow
  • NOSE: Loaded with rich, divine citrusy lemon peel and essential oils
  • PALATE: A natural infusion using the highest quality PGI Lemons of Sorrento provides a unique lemon flavor of unmatched quality, giving it an unmatched flavor and distinctive quality
    • Made using the zest of the finest quality PGI Lemons of Sorrento
    • The quality of Anniversario Limoncello is monitored by the Consortium for the Protection of PGI Lemons of Sorrento
    • Every bottle contains 300 grams (approximately 11 ounces) of PGI Lemons of Sorrento per Liter, which is 20% more than required by the of the Consortium
    • A 100% natural liqueur, without any food colorings or preservatives
    • Gluten Free
    • Imported from Italy