Noah's Mill Small Batch Bourbon, 750mL

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  • BRAND: 114.3-proof (57.15% A.B.V.)
  • COLOR: Honey brown
  • AROMA: Walnuts, prunes, and floral notes
  • TASTE: Mimics the palate with walnuts, prunes, cinnamon, allspice, mint, caramel, toasted pecan, seasoned oak, lavender, and cream
  • FINISH: Medium length dry finish with lingering notes of burnt caramel
  • INFO: Operating as a non-distilling producer, Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (one of the many operating names of Willett) purchased bourbon from other distilleries, aged it in their warehouses, and bottled it as part of their extensive family of labels. Out of Willett’s sourced-bourbon brands comes Noah’s Mill with is a blistering 114.3 proof bourbon.