Patio29 Twin Mischief Rum, 750mL

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  • BRAND: 90-proof (45% A.B.V.), vintage 1975
  • COLOR: Medium caramel
  • AROMA: Sweet and floral, with accents of charred oak
  • TASTE: Yeast, banana bread, sweet caramel, toasted vanilla and tropical fruit, and toasted oak to round off the palate
  • FINISH: Sweet and floral finish with slight smoky undertones
  • INFO: Patio29 Spirits Co. is a family-owned and operated distillery in the small & picturesque town of Winters California in the world-famous agricultural area of Yolo County. They create super-premium whiskeys, gin, vodka, rum, brandies and other spirit products, using local ingredients. Twin Mischief was released May 15th of 2020.