Spring Spirits 2021

Spring Spirits 2021 Promotion

Terms and Conditions

The "Spring Spirits 2021" Promotion is a limited time offer. This promotion, hereby known as 'the sale', is offered to all visitors to the Transpirits website who wish to engage in the promotion. No exclusion, bias, or discrimination will be shown to any qualifying individual who wishes to utilize this discount while making a purchase on the Transpirits website. Offer ends June 1, 2021 and is limited to one promotional discount per customer, per visit at the checkout page. 
To qualify for the sale discount, customers must purchase a total of $29.99 in value of products from the Transpirits website, any and all of which must come from the Transpirits inventory. The qualifying amount must be reach at the time of checkout, and no additional offers may be applied in conjunction with the Spring Spirits 2021 promotional sale. 
Qualifying sale items are pre-selected for promotional discount. No substitutions or adjustments are allowed unless authorized by the management or owner at any time, without exception. All pre-selected qualifying merchandise is offered at 99% of the original sale price to the customer upon meeting the eligibility requirements of spending $29.99, and the customer may then choose their preferred product from the collection of pre-selected merchandise to apply to the discount.
Transpirits reserves the right to change, alter or cancel the sale at any time without notice, for any reason. Any orders that are currently using the Spring Spirits 2021 discount code at the time of alteration to the sale will be honored and fulfilled; any lingering customer interaction with Transpirits' administration regarding the sale, and/or the terms and conditions of the sale, with the intention of the customer applying the sale discount to their next purchase will also be honored in full. All additional or subsequent orders placed following any changes to the terms and conditions of the sale are then subject to the newly established terms and conditions set forth by Transpirits.